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Donington Nurseries provide a wide-range of Fruit Trees and Fruit Bushes suitable for large garden or allotment in addition to varieties that can be grown in containers or smaller plots. A range of rootstocks are available depending on varieties, and we also stock a selection of self-fertile fruit trees (does not need a second tree to pollinate the flowers) and family fruit trees (these have 2 or 3 varieties of the same fruit group on one tree – stocks are limited). Either of these types of tree are ideal where space is limited but will restrict your choice.

Fruit Trees and Fruit Bushes are fun to grow, and can be very rewarding. Fresh, healthy fruit straight from your garden! They also encourage bees with their blossom, which in turn pollinate so you get fruit!

our range of fruit trees comprises our range of fruit bushes comprises
Apple Raspberry
Pear Blueberry
Plum Blackberry
Cherry Gooseberry
Apricot Blackcurrant
Peach Redcurrant
Nectarine Boysenberry
Quince Loganberry
Hardy Fig Tayberry

In addition to this we stock a good selection of Strawberry Plants and Rhubarb.

We are based in Derbyshire so are in a convenient location for people in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.

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