Gardening Accessories

Fertilisers and Pesticides

A large selection of fertilisers from specific straights such as Bonmeal, Potash, Blood,Fish & Bone, Sulphates of Iron and Ammonia, Epsom Salts, Growmore and Lime in addition to liquid feeds, general purpose, tomato and vegetable, house plant, Ericaceous, Chicken and Farmyard Manure and Organic. 

Pesticides and fungicides suitable for indoor and outdoor plants as well as fruit and vegetables. Again we have a range suitable for the organic gardener.

Weedkillers for lawns and gardens as well as weed control fabrics.


Various brands are stocked and the range includes most general gardening tools; spades, forks, rakes, shears, loppers, secateurs, trowels etc. In addition we have a good range of watering equipment; watering cans, roses, hoses, hose fittings, sprinklers, and sprayers. Strimmer wire is also stocked in a range of thicknesses.


Lawn soil, Dressing and Lawn Sand. Aerators,spreaders, sprinklers and edgings. A full range of Lawn Feed, Weed and Mosskillers. A varied selection of Lawn Seed and fresh turf.

Footwear and Gloves

Wellingtons, Clogs and Gardening gloves in a range of sizes and styles

Rootgrow, mycorrhizal fungi

Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi, RHS endorsed, is recommended by us for planting most Trees, Shrubs, Roses and Herbaceous Plants. It aids quick establishment of the root and is a compliment for fertilisers not a replacement.

Hanging baskets, Linings and Brackets

A range of hanging baskets using natural materials as well as traditional wire and metal baskets in a variety of styles and sizes. The range includes free-standing tiered planter baskets, wall baskets, troughs and hayracks.

To compliment this range we stock jute and coir pre-formed liners as well as supplying this by the metre in sheet form. Brackets to hang your baskets from, suitable compost, plants, fertilisers and water retaining gel.

Plant supports and Netting

Climbing Plant supports, Herbaceous and Vegetable supports are all supplied by Donington Nurseries. Examples include trellis, obelisks, arches, bamboo canes, pea sticks, hardwood and softwood stakes, metal net stakes, netting, hoops, link stakes and many more! Our sundry department has a good range of ties and string to suit all requirements.

Weed control - Sprays and Membrane

Weed membrane in a range of widths and quality, polythene, and weed killing sprays available.

Slabs and Edgings

Log Roll in a variety of heights, log roll panels, bamboo and willow edging, plastic lawn edging, decorative plastic coated metal edgings.

An attractive range of stepping stones; log effect, random shapes, and embossed with various designs 

Trellis and Garden Furniture

A range for all budgets in various sizes. Wooden rigid trellis, expanding softwood trellis, expanding willow trellis and a range of net and screening. An inspiring range of solid wood furniture including many styles of benches, companion seats (love seats), arches, arbours and metal bistro sets. We also have a home delivery brochure with many more styles and options to choose from.

Plant Protection

Frost protection fleece in rolls, covers and by the metre. Polythene sheeting both clear and black. Cloches and Netting. Plus a wide range of fungicides and insecticides.

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