Donington Nurseries grow a large number of Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus). We have quantity stocks of Buxus (Box), Beech, Hawthorn and Thuja conifer hedging. We offer very competitive prices and a range of sizes. We containerise these in the autumn and pot them for year round sales.

Our usual hedging stocks are listed below and are subject to availability and seasonality.

Laurel - Prunus laurocerasusBarberry - Berberis
Box – BuxusEscallonia
Thuja PlicataPyracantha
Hawthorn – CrataegusPhotinia
Green Beech – Fagus sylvaticaViburnum Tinus
Purple Beech – Fagus purpureaHornbeam - Carpinus
Yew – TaxusLonicera nitida – shrubby honeysuckle
Privet – Ligustrum ovalifolium 
Holly - IlexLavender


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