Seasonal Hanging Baskets

We produce a fantastic range of Filled Hanging Baskets at Donington Nurseries. Many of our customers have commented on their beauty and what great value they are. We cram them with a super range of our home grown plants to create colourful stunning displays for you to enjoy at home. We use only the best growing medium to plant up our baskets and all baskets have added water retaining gel.

It is important to water your hanging basket every day, even if it is raining, as eaves and walls can prevent rain reaching the basket. During hot or windy weather you might need to water twice a day. Your basket will need regular feeding too and we have a wide range of suitable fertilisers at the Nursery. Once a basket dries-out it is almost impossible for the plants to recover.

If you like a particular colour scheme, we can make baskets up to your requirements and we also fill baskets and containers of your own. Just bring the empty container to our Nursery, specify any particular colours you require or plants you like, we will provide a price and then fill to your specification. We prefer to allow your basket to ‘grow-on’ for a couple of weeks so usually you will collect your basket or container at a later date. Please bear in mind the size and shape of your container as you will need to transport it home filled!

We have filled baskets and containers available spring, summer and autumn.

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