Seasonal Bedding

As growers, we have a wide ranging selection of seasonal bedding and basket plants throughout the year, with March-July providing the greatest choice for Summer and September-October for autumn/winter bedding plants.. Grown on site at Donington Nurseries, our plants are of excellent quality and price. We use only the best growing mediums to ensure our plants have good root growth and lush foliage.
Spring – Primroses, pansies, potted bulbs, alpines
Summer – vast range of bedding, basket and container plants
Autumn/Winter – pansies, cyclamen, primroses and a selection of evergreens.

Our bedding plants are sold in packs, and single pots depending on type and variety. We make an excellent range of hanging baskets and filled containers on site too. Great if your short of time or need a gift idea.

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