Ornamental Trees

All gardens need structure and a focal point, and what better way to do this than have an attractive tree. Donington Nurseries have a superb selection of Ornamental trees to suit all sizes of gardens, including native trees, as well as trees grown more for their blossom or leaf colour.

Acers are grown for leaf form and colour - there are large tree sized Acers and smaller Japanese Acers.

Prunus - popular choice, they produce blossom in shades of pink and white. Most flower Spring, and there is a huge range of varieties and tree shapes - some are weeping, others rounded, and a few more conical and upright. Commonly known as 'Flowering Cherry', there are also Prunus varieties that are flowering plum and flowering almond.

Birch - Popular tree grown predominately for its attractive silver white bark.

Malus - part of the Apple family, a Malus tree is a suitable pollinator for an Apple fruit tree. Ornamental Malus are an excellent choice giving blossom, attractive edible fruits, and autumn leaf colour. Many are suitable for small gardens and are great for wildlife.

Sorbus, Rowan, Mountain Ash - varieties have red, pink or white berries and fern-like leaves.

There are many other varieties of trees at Donington Nurseries - Crataegus (red hawthorn), Pyrus (Ornamental pear) and Cotoneaster to name but a few. We also have a good selection of minature 1/4 standard trees suitable for containers or very small gardens.




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