Recommended This Month

Recommended This Month


Commonly Known as Christmas Rose or Lenton Rose these beauties come in an array of colours. White, yellow, green, a multitude of pink shades, speckled, red through to near black – there’s a shade to suit!

Providing much needed colour in winter they are perennial and are long flowering from December up to April depending on the variety and temperature.

Grow in fertile, moist soils preferably in light shade. They dislike extremes so no very dry or wet soils and out of scorching summer sun.

Most grow around 45cm, and are clump forming. If growing in a pot choose a large enough one and use a good quality John Innes soil. Do not allow it to dry out.

If your Hellebore develops brown leaf spots don’t panic. This is a common problem in wet weather. Non chemical control is to remove affected leaves or stems (do not compost these). Alternatively, spray with a fungicide.

We stock an excellent range at our Nurseries including the British bred ‘Harvington Hellebores’

Every Garden Should Have One!

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